21 November 2010

sexy Justin Bieber's Raging Hormones 2 2010

ahahahah. Justy no!!



Anonymous said... [Reply]

I love it when h bites his lips...:h
But that Girl dosen't even have a ass........

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I think this is soo funny ... but that girl doesn't even have an ass. lyk come on justin... i have a bigger ass then dat

Anonymous said... [Reply]

:g hormones much ? haha

sabrina said... [Reply]

this is really funny this girl dont have an ass justin really i rather have you look at rihanna's ass then hers

TheMrsBieber said... [Reply]

Omg, Selena Wouldnt Have Been Happy :) Love You Beebs :t

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Hay Justin. Huge fan, umm, ye. Wotev if your lookin at her ass, i mean, we all hav one, we cant be in Buggulugs Bum Thief (a book about people having no bums) u no. its k. and hay... (i look at sum really hot guyz out there, there abbs r EPIC!). peace out Justin. if ya need a talk. call me (but u cant, soo, there woz no point n sayin that. O...K... BYE!!!!

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