21 November 2010

Justin Bieber performing "PRAY" at the 2010 AMAs [Video]

Look at his smile at the end when he starts realizing people were on their feet.



Anonymous said... [Reply]

It sounds like his voice cracked at 1:08. Otherwise, a very good performance. Three AMAs, not bad!

Brooke.x said... [Reply]

Yeah I noticed I herd a few times,
His voice crack. :/
Like really badly but no matter
What i will still love him. :m
Love you jb.



Anonymous said... [Reply]

I think he voice cracked bcause he kinda sick or maybe he have flu..his voice kinda like he have flu . Im proud for him..his very success lately :)

Caroline said... [Reply]

i dont care if his voice cracked! i thot it was beautiful! i rly loved the choir.. i think he should do some christian music :)

Dempsey said... [Reply]

Yah that would be awesome!

Caitlyn said... [Reply]

so amazingly beautiful :n

sabrina said... [Reply]

he may had messed up half way when he said "i lose" but he came this far congratz babe

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