11 October 2010

Justin Bieber Mom Says Jasmine Villegas Is Using Her Son

Justin Bieber might have been banned from dating by his mother. Hollyscoop reported that Pattie Mallette laid down the law on the dating game after the 16-year-old Canadian pop sensation was caught kissing Jasmine Villegas, his opening act on "My World 2.0" tour and love interest in his music video for "Baby".

On the story, a source shared that Pattie Lynn is "freaking out that she's losing control of her boy." The "U Smile" singer's mother reportedly wants to make sure no girl will jeopardize her son's career. "And she's afraid that his obsession with girls is sapping his time and energy, and jeopardizing his music career," so claimed the insider.

Pattie is also said afraid that Jasmine is only using Justin's fame for her own benefit. The source noted, "Pattie warned her son about Hollywood social climbing and told him Jasmine could be just using him to further her own career. But it pretty much went in one ear and out the other. When it comes to girls, Justin's out of control. Right now his mom says girls are a complication he doesn't need."

Despite the alleged banning, Justin obviously didn't hesitate in showing off his closeness to 16-year-old Jasmine. He was spotted giving her a big hug when she arrived in Hawaii on Friday, October 8. After spending time with her and Jaden Smith the next day, he tweeted, "Hawaii great night and great vacation here. me, jaden, and @JASMINEVILLEGAS all had a great time. thank u. cant wait to come back!!"




Siti said... [Reply]

Pattie may just be right.. Jasmine maybe using Justin for her own sake! Jasmine is a great singer but i think she should try to get fame on her own and not by hanging out with Justin and his crew all the time..

PS: I'm STILL loving Justin. And also NOT a hater of JASMINE but not a fan of her too.. :P

But I'm SOOO Loving Pattie!!

Zora said... [Reply]

I think Pattie might be taken this too seriously. He's a boy and you cant stop boys from liking girls. Give him a chance to date other girls and experience things and learn from mistakes.

Stephanie said... [Reply]

Well, if she's only using Justin, I bet none of us Beliebers would like her anymore

Anonymous said... [Reply]

@siti: jasmine v is a horrible singer

Anonymous said... [Reply]

bahaha you go pattie!

Dempsey said... [Reply]

ive said it before and ill say it again, i love justins mom :) also jasmin v's voice isnt that bad its really whiny and nasaly though and ive never liked her singin on overboard, even before the whole her kissing justin thing happened

cierra said... [Reply]

i think pattie is rightni do think she is using justin and if she is and justin finds out he is just going to have to learn the hard way i meen im so lovin pattie rightnow lol just needs to get his act togeather i meen jasmine really dont seem like his typ im nnot really a fan of her i meen if hes happy im happy but there somthing not right about her and i dont like not one bit

Anonymous said... [Reply]
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Anonymous said... [Reply]
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nhiz.capili said... [Reply]

pattie is right! but Im not a hater of jasmine okay? his mother have a point,ofcourse as a mother you dont want your son/daughter to have a relationship or what because there only 16.. :)

Shaylene said... [Reply]

I didnt really mind Jasmine at first but after i saw that slut picture she went down...i mean i dont really mind who Justin dates and i'll support him 100% no matter what but i think Pattie's right for this one

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Jasmine Villegas can't sing. She simply spoils the song - Overboard. Jessica Jarrell is a much better singer than her and have more powerful vocals than Jasmine. I'm saying this it's not because I'm a fan of Jessica Jarrell. I'm not a fan of Jessica and Jasmine. It's the fact.
I think this article is kinda true. Who knows Jasmine before she was in Baby video? No one did. But because of her in Baby video, she get the fame. Wouldn't be surprised if her fans, Jasminators, are Beliebers too. Since some Beliebers wanting to get follow by her.
I don't see anything in her. She doesn't have the vocal and fame. She's just have the looks ONLY.
Nothing special or good about her.
I'm just stating it. No hate. Peace.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I think what Pattie is saying might be true... and she also unfollowed Jasmine.. haha i'm not trying to be a hater or anything and i don't really care much about Jasmine but i think she might be a user in a way... :/

SAIA FAMILY said... [Reply]

yeah ! just forget jasmine.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I think thhat jbs mom is correct well i think that jasmine is like just with justin cuz she wants to be much more famous than justin but no she cant not even be that famous but who nows she sings good to maybe needs a little improvement but yea good

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER .YOU ARE SPLENDID . MY BLOG/va-tkacher.skyblog.com bay <3<3<3<3 ;D

Anonymous said... [Reply]

we should get pattie to see this :P....if u have a twitter tweet the link to @studiomama

Anonymous said... [Reply]

this blog... is the best.. look, when they become together, jasmine got a verified account on twitter, and as i know, famous artists are the one who can only get a verified acc. like jb.

Alia said... [Reply]

i think this is soo true, i've seen some of jasmine's video covers before she was in the "baby" video, & i thought they were horrible, i mean so horrible that i had to listen to selena gomez' music to get it out of my head, no one can deny that jasmine is pretty, but that all there is to her, & im not trying to sound like a hater but her voice IS horrible, she can hold a note sometimes....SOMETIMES, but im just not feelin her at all & about that verified twitter thing, i agree, i thought only REAL CELEBRITIES got verified accounts, jasmine is just a nobody who's using a girl-crazy boy to reach her goal, sad but true, & her "#jasminators" can think differently all they want to, but the truth's the truth, just face it, she sucks!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

i agree with his Mom(:
she is using him

Anonymous said... [Reply]

well, I agree with bieber's mom! jasmine is nothing without the bieber's baby- video clip. anyway, she's not beautiful. the girl at one time is better than her, i think. if she's really want to use bieber for making her more famous, she must get ready nah! we are, the bieber fever, ready to hate you bitch!
the last world, LOVE YOU SO FUCKIN DAMN JUSTIN :* :*

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Jasmine v. Is diffo using him..
Awh well Justin can just find out the hard way..
But I am still a big fan Of Justin Biebe!!! :D

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I think pattie is right i mean some of you may think pattie has gone to far, but i dont think so i mean ofcourse he is going to like girls his age but i personally dont like jasmine v, i dont know her but what i have seen i think she is using justin, i dont mean to upset you 'jasminators' but look she is always wearing very tight clothes and clothes that show off her stomach, she is nice and no i am NOT jealous thats the first thing you guys think i would be happy for justin to date anyone BUT her but it's his life i just don't want to see him heart broken when something happens between them

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Omg, Wake up Justin!!
She only wants her album to sell..
No one knew about her untill she was in the Baby music video..
And tbh.. Justin only likes her cos she is pretty..
Which is kinda shallow..

But I'm NOT a hater, Just stating thee obvious!! :P

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Jasmine v is 17 and Justin is 16 ? :S
And did they not kiss??? :S
In a car or somethingg..

Deaunna Zamarripa said... [Reply]

I don't blame his mother for thinking that way, if my son was famous and a girl that absolutely no one knew of started to date him, i would think the same. You go Pattie! ^^

Anonymous said... [Reply]

omg yes i think pattie is right!! i kind of hate jasmine v now because she IS using justin for fame and i am a BIG fan of justin biber and i dont want his heart 2 b broken...... if they r datin i think she isnt one of the best girls for him i think justin can do beter then that. aaaannd i lovee patiie :)

and the 3rd last person and and alia i totally agree with u guys

i mean ppl listhen to her voice and look at her music video in her song serious to tell u the truth im not a hater or anything but i dont like her

sorry jasmine v. i used to like u but know sorry dont like ya anymore

Anonymous said... [Reply]

yes i agree with everybody who agrees with pattie and the person above me has a great point.... without justin bieber jasmine v is NOTHING AND SHE WILL NEVER B ANYTHING!! SHE IS A BIG PIECE OF POOP!!!!! also did u guys know that jasmine v payed the director of the baby music video so she and justin can kiss????? yes shes pretty but i HATEEEE HER!! u tell 'em pattie!! I AM A BELIBER AND I ALWAYS WILL B!!!

p.s. for the concert in hawaii :P whitch went 2 c!! :D i think we should bring jessica jarrel bk jasmine sings jessicas part very bad!! and jasmine is going on tour with jusin to sing overboard because jessica couldent make it. i used 2 b a jasminator but once i heard tht she and justin kissed and tht she payed the director and tht she is using justin for fame i HAT her know WHO AGREES!!??

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I agree with Pattie.
I tried to love Jasmine becuse i found out that Justin really likes her but i can't . She is pretty but she is trying to be famous from Justin i notice that . Her voice is terible , she can't sing at all. But about personality yeah she is really a good friend and she is really funny and sweet but all she want to do with Justin is just to go out with him and make her career grow up more. I notice that. Sorry Justin but it's true. I don't want you to be hurt , you are my friend since 2008. And all i can say is that , you can't replace Caitlin with Jasmine .Caitlin is being herself all the time and she loved you.
I'm not telling who i'm , but seriosly fans you need to support Pattie and prove Justin that Jasmine is not the right girl. Go ON!!
Justin i love you man you know that ! <3

Anonymous said... [Reply]

jasmine is such a slut

Anonymous said... [Reply]

i loved jasmine but now, i cant. she used the one person that touched my heart. Justin doesn't deserve this. hes a great guy. Pattie is right. jasmine a gold digger. no offense to those who r jasminators which i doubt anyone is. jasmine is beautiful but her singing isn't. Justin Bieber is a true guy. Thank you Pattie for helping Justin.

Jade said... [Reply]

Just need to ask... but is it actually true that @justinbieber and @JASMINEVILLEGAS were caught kissing in the car? everyone says YES then no, yes then NO... im so confused:s, im not sure what to believe:n
it is so sweet that Justin is so appreciative and caring about his fan's im curtain that he will never ever loose his fame and career to anything or anyone, he is a beautiful person who i am so proud to call my inspiration:r @studiomama you are a beautiful mum to watch out for justin with any girl drama's, but know one really know's if Jasmine is using Justin... she sounds like a sweet girl maybe it's true and maybe it's not, im not one to judge or take sides. btw i cant wait for you to tour Australia.... it's gonna be wicked:g

Serene said... [Reply]

Pattie is right. Remember how Justin said, and I quote, "My mom is ALWAYS right (key word ALWAYS) no matter what" and it's true, moms just know they have this thing were they can feel when something OR in this case SOMEONE is not right. Justin listen to your mom and let go of Jasmine weather you love he or not. It's better to get ALITTL hurt now to getting PAINFULLY hurt later on when it blows up in your face ok, I love you Justin I don't wanna see you get hurt. FUCK YOU JASMINE VIGINALLEGAS!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Jasmine Villegas is A typical user, Im so glad they cut that kissing scene in baby LOL if she really did pay the director then she failed on that one big time BAHAHAHAHAHAH I dont hat eher just dont like her . Go Pattie :f

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I LOVE Justin's mom. She is so cool, and she is so right about Jasmine!
Jasmine V is probably using him to get fame, and she SUCKS at singing.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

i think that his mom is absolutely right coz jasmine isnt even a good singer and she thinx that if she goes out wit him shes gonna get noticed more and bcome famous. and if she does for some reason get famous just watch her dump him like last years jimmy choo sandals.

<3U Justin!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I love Justin Bieber and his mom,, I know you can't stop boys from liking girls and Justin's case he loves them so I don't think he'll stop but Jasmine may just be using him to further her own career. I don't really like Jasmine but it's just low of her to use him, if she is!! I think he should put his music and acting career before girls,, but that doesn't mean he has to stop loving them competely!! I love you Justin<3 xxx:D

Anonymous said... [Reply]

i hate her so much

Angelica said... [Reply]

i feel jasmine v isnt using justin bieber but yet i think he should date anyone he wants plus she gives him insperations on songs such as latin girl and im latin myself but not mexcican im sry pattie

TheBeautyGirl1997 said... [Reply]
This comment has been removed by the author.
kylie jenner said... [Reply]

you guys are fucking bitches you dont know what jasmine has gone threw did you know her mom abuses her takes her money to buy cigrattes and pay for her cell phone bill watch what would you do by jdrew her brother dumbasses jasmine would never do that

kylie jenner said... [Reply]

stfu you dont even know her selena more of a slut then her taking pics in her underwear and bra you dont know what jinsu jdrew and her little brother justin go threw her mom calls her a slut takes her money to by cigrattes so dont call her slut

ariel negron said... [Reply]

First of all Jasmine didnt need Justin Bieber's fame she already had her own...... If you dont know her life style then dont juge her...... do you know how many children get abused by their parents?? Alot rightt?? even including me but o get meantaly abuse

CrazyKubu said... [Reply]

I Love Justin so fucking much.
But Jasmine was famous way before he was. she was singer the national anthem at games. so Shut up about saying Pattie Was right.
I Still Love Pattie Though<3

Anonymous said... [Reply]
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Anonymous said... [Reply]
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
isabella martinez said... [Reply]

i have 3 words for all of u HATING ASS BITCHES

Jelenator Bieber said... [Reply]
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nope. Hope said... [Reply]

I Agree with Pattie.

Im not a jasmine hater.But i bet lots of people didnt know Jasmine existed.But when she camed to that baby video and when they kissed and dated everyone(not EVERYONE) knew Jasmine Villegas...After they broke up..Or when they were dating.? Jasmine made songs got verified on twitter,she also got fans and "Jasminators"etc,Jasmine did use Justin. i agree with Pattie.

Nope. Hope said... [Reply]

@Anonymous Agreed

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