16 October 2010

Jusitn Bieber Unplugged Christmas Album

Awesome news!!! Looks like an acoustic holiday album is on the way. Can't wait!!

I wonder what X-mas songs he's gonna record?

Which song would you like to hear him sing this Christmas?



Kiara said... [Reply]

hmm idk there too many good christmas songs and they would all be better with him singing them lol hahaha

lydia said... [Reply]

Probably classics like
Silent Night and Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas and Maybe Last Christmas.

And maybe All I Want For Christmas For More Modern Listening

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Definetly All i want for Christmas!!

Dempsey said... [Reply]

definitely have yourself a merry little christmas! I can just hear him singing it! Omygosh! this will be so hot!

Caroline said... [Reply]

definitely all i want for christmas is u! cuz all i want for christmas is JB! sexay!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

ah wicked justin you realy know what your fans want just justin hott or whatt! your well hot and fit all those sorts of things yes inclouding seaxy lol

suzanne said... [Reply]

Justin Bieber would do GREAT singing ANY song in the world!ilove him~hes thee best!ijust wish he would reply to me on twitter!but hes really busy with his tour and stuff!im his #1 fan ever!!ilove U,Justin<3~!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

omg wene is it comeing out let us know as soon as posible:b

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