17 September 2010

Justin Bieber to battle with Jennifer Aniston & Selena Gomez at the box office

In the battle of movie openings, whose film do YOU think will make the most moolah?

Does Justin Bieber have a chance at starring in the number one film in the country if he’s going up against Jennifer Aniston and Selena Gomez?

HollywoodLife.com made the discovery that the 16-year-old singing sensation’s 3-D documentary is going head to head with Jen’s Just Go With It and Selena’s Monte Carlo on the dame day –- Feb. 11!

Let us tell you about all three films and YOU can decide who has the best shot at box office glory!

In Just Go With It, Jen, 41, pretends to be Adam Sandler’s wife in order to help him land an important job. Victoria’s Secret model Brooklyn Decker and Nicole Kidman also star in the romantic comedy, which takes place in beautiful Hawaii. There’s a lot of bikini body action involved. Score!

Meanwhile, Monte Carlo is chock full of young starlets! Selena, 18, stars as a young ingĂ©nue traveling through Europe with besties Leighton Meester and Katie Cassidy when she’s mistaken for an heiress and kidnapped. Her boyfriend, Glee star Cory Monteith, is on a mission to save her. Intrigue, romance AND a healthy dose of CW stars could make this movie #1!

Justin’s documentary, however, is all about his life and features stars like Miley Cyrus and Usher. All three movies totally hit a similar demographic, which leads us to wonder who the biggest box office draw will be. May the best man OR woman win!




Dempsey said... [Reply]

I definitely think Justin's will do the best just cause all us fans will want to see it and support him and make sure it does well!

rebecca cassar said... [Reply]

I just found this on youtube
1 day ago 11

On September 20th all of Eminems rap fans are going to watch Eminems Not Afraid video on youtube which currently has 103 million views.

Justin( FAGGOT) bieber baby has 300+million views which is a disrespectful thing to the real musicians like eminem. So everyone get together,click on not afraid, refresh your page 5 times to give it 5 more views. Lets beat this bieber disease




and this

1 day ago 5


On September 20th all of Tupacs and old school fans are going to watch 2Pacs "Hit'em Up" video on youtube which currently has 39 million views.

Justin Biebers "Baby" has 300+million views which is a disrespectful thing to the real rappers like Biggie, Nas, Eminem & tupac! So everyone get together, click on hit em up, refresh your page 5 times to give it 5 more views. Lets beat this bieber disease


Anonymous said... [Reply]

justin will win. btw ignore the haterz.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

that's pretty lame considering baby is only full of hateful comments, meaning the haterz are the ones giving him so many views x) i have the video downloaded on my computer and watch it there, i cant deal with so much hate towards him. i really, really love him, its like they are hurting someone from my family.

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