19 July 2010

Justin Bieber fans will have a unique opportunity to chat with their favorite teen pop star at a meet and greet event in California. But hopeful attendees of this pre-show engagement will have to pay a high price if they want to get up close and personal with their teen idol.

Justin will be hosting a meet and greet session with fans prior to his upcoming concert at the California Mid-state Fair Grounds in Paso Robles, CA on Wednesday night. According to Justin's tour website, tickets for this special event are going for $4,025 a piece.

If you don't have an extra $4,000 on hand, you can still enjoy the show for around $125. There are a handful of seats available.

Do you think it would be worth it to pay $4,000 to meet and greet with Justin Bieber or is this price outlandish? How much would you pay to meet Justin?


Worth it? Ummm $4000? This ain't a 'meet and greet'. It's more like a 'meet and not eat for a month'.



Anonymous said... [Reply]

Thats ridiculous, were teens where are we going to get that type of money from and unless your parents are richer then rich??

who agree's

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Yeah I agree. That's like the monthly house payment of our house!!

sharedhosting said... [Reply]

fantastic topic

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I WENT TO MEET HIM ON OCTOBER 27TH 2010 at the honda center in LA california and guess what? I saved up my own money for meet and greet and they lost all of the pictures. SHAME ON THOSE FILTHY PEOPLE

Anonymous said... [Reply]

How do you know that the photos from The Honda Center are lost?

Michelle said... [Reply]

The meet and greet tickets here in Tampa (tonights show, my 7 year old daughter and two of her friends are there with her dad right now) were only a bit over $400 each, but we did have the ability to purchase them prior to general public purchases. I would never pay $4,000 to see anyone. They are just ordinary people!

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