19 July 2010

Although seasoned music critics hated on the teen singing sensation’s July 17th show, his fans remain loyal!

Not EVERYONE loves Justin Bieber. In fact, several industry pros said the 16-year-old’s Oakland, Calif. show sucked! But his fans want the naysayers to know that Bieber is the best, and they’ll love him regardless of his bad reviews!

“The concert felt like it lasted an eternity!” Aidin Vaziri from the San Francisco Chronicle groaned on the July 17th show. “He lacks charisma onstage, and his high-pitched singing voice is ordinary at best.” Added Jim Harrington of the Mercury News, “Certainly not anything to look forward too when you think of Justin Bieber and his world tour concert that is sweeping the nation.”

But Bieber fans didn’t take this slight to their idol lying down! “I was actually stunned by how much I enjoyed the concert. Now, I should start by admitting that I am 22 years old and came with the kids I babysit as a chaperone Though I am certainly aware of the Bieber mania, I came in with no expectations of a great show or any real interest in Justin at all. However, I was thoroughly surprised by what I saw and heard,” said one new fan in response to the SF Chronicle’s story.

Chimed in a second supporter, “Whatever your opinions on him as a performer are, you cant argue that the house was sold out and my ears are still ringing from the fans that were screaming all night!”

What do you think, BFFs? Were you at the Oakland show, and if so, did you love it or hate it? Let us know below!




Anonymous said... [Reply]

I was at the Oakland show, & I LOVED IT! Although I have to say, when he first sang, me & it seemed like everyone else were a little confused because he sounded really different & high pitched. It sounded like he was sick. I was disappointing at first but I got used to it, lol. The weird thing is though, that on video he sounded normal.

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