18 April 2010

justin Bieber boner penis

I'm sorry if this picture offends anyone but from the current poll it seems like
most of you would rather I post this (kind of) picture than not.

What do you think of this picture?

Btw, doesn't that face look familiar?



Anonymous said... [Reply]

The Bieb is just a healthy boy !

taylor said... [Reply]

Its Probually Just His Fone!

Kristine said... [Reply]

Hhaha :) So funny! :D Nice Jb LOLS

SavannahSmiles said... [Reply]

i dont think its his fone mabe sumthing else [not that] i mean y would carry an i phone in a big big pocket for it to slip out.and its not his pepe, hes not that big

nguoianhthuong_ch said... [Reply]

Oh, check that the fans are sometimes a bit extreme but if that situation happens to many, I was afraid that he's not happy where justin ^ ^.

JB_beiberbaby said... [Reply]

It is his "thing" cuz it ent in his pocket its coming from under his trousers + his face shows hes trying to cover it up..he must have seen summit he liked :P

beatrice said... [Reply]

haha he have something in his pocket! thats all

Anonymous said... [Reply]

wow.....i dont know what else to say apart from wow
it so isnt just sommink in his pocket...

Taylor said... [Reply]

He probly just saw me in the crowd! Cause im so sexi!!!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

i wounder if he is that big?
he must be it cant be anything else...

Anonymous said... [Reply]

you ppl are disgusting!!
Mind your own business...and stop being perverted!!
Leave MY Justin alone!

Jazelle said... [Reply]

he just have something in his pocket! hahaha.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

(well if there isnt anything in his pocket) IM IMPRESSED!:P

denissequirazco!(: said... [Reply]

he looks hotter than ever!!!!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

boner boy

Anonymous said... [Reply]

imma boy bieber fan and i defently know hes trying to hide his boner but hey it happens to every boy so come on people you shouldnt be posting it up on the internet...btw girls his dick is only 6 inches dont get to horney over this haha

Anonymous said... [Reply]

..i think its a boy thing...u shouldn't post this...

..ohh..who am i kidding?..are there more?

HANNAH said... [Reply]

ahahaha thats hot :P
hes a boy. he got excited .no big deal

izzy said... [Reply]

leave him alone u pervs

Anonymous said... [Reply]


Anonymous said... [Reply]

Woahhhh, i'd tap that ;D

Anonymous said... [Reply]

;ll luv JUSTINBIEBER 4eva coz hes so cute! anyway, his dicky is not so big rite? even if it is, y doesnt it shows during his performances?

Anonymous said... [Reply]

im a big fan of JB.
he look cute as far as im concern.
if u all HATE him,
dun come here.
it will only result in __________.
u noe wad im gonna say.

markw94404 said... [Reply]

I suspect he has a banana in his pocket, he may have just squished it :-).

michelle said... [Reply]

hello from france! people say this is perverted but i always imagine how justin penis look like and for the look of this picture it must look sooooooo very nice :p

Anonymous said... [Reply]

i would should thaaat ;).. and 'boner boy' > i mean seriously.. if that a boy and you dont get a boner sometimes then you need to see a fucking doctor.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Hot pepe!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

he he he he's got beiber boner

Anonymous said... [Reply]

LOL...and if it's not his phone, sont worry.
He is just a normal, 16 year old boy. Thats normal!!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

LMAO! I doubt his dick would bulge that much out of a pair of jeans like that. What does he have a dick of steel or something...c'mon

Anonymous said... [Reply]
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said... [Reply]

their anymore?;) woooah thats hot!♥

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Dangg Justin!!! You hiding something?? Hahah

Anonymous said... [Reply]

oooooo boner

Anonymous said... [Reply]

It's a water bottle. You can see a shadow of it in his sweater.

layla :) said... [Reply]

OMG comon thats jus teasing us fans we need more :) jks, lol his face is thats what boys look like when they hav tht :)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

OMG! That dick looks yummie!!! I wud give anything to fuck with him

Anonymous said... [Reply]

This Is Too Hott , Bieber's Got a Boner For Some Girl.You Can See His Face , He Is Trying To Hide It. But Damn Is It That Big. Wow I'd Tap That! :D Oh Come On Like You Girls Wouldnt?!?! :o

Anonymous said... [Reply]

yer but the chance of him tapping us is low :( ohwell i still need to hypnotize him and give him some rohypnol :O jks

Anonymous said... [Reply]

JB is sooooooo hot and I was told by my gay freind that his dick is thick and it is 6" long
P.S. I'm a gay 16 year old boy

Anonymous said... [Reply]


Anonymous said... [Reply]

thts not his phone r anything else its his cock he has a boner if ur phone rang wold u make tht o no face and its way to big to be a phone

Anonymous said... [Reply]

dayyyyum, he's big ;) HAHA.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

he was killin his penis

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I'm a gay boy and I want Justin to sit his naked butt on my face!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

dayyyyym thts some dick he got there i wish i was his girlfriend so i could get a taste of that dick it looks yummmmy

Anonymous said... [Reply]

dayyyym some dick makes u wanna suck it all night rite

joseph denoyo said... [Reply]

the lust to shovel but i like that

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