05 April 2010

OMG! Justin Bieber grabs his own penis

justin bieber grabs penis crotch

Time for an adjustment. ;)



babii said... [Reply]

some guy do need to ajust done time bet all u guys out there have ajusted ur dick some time in life god my skool u s guys touch there dick 24/7 its a normal thing and why people and whoever took this picture looking at his dick god u should be looking taking pictures of what he dose that not right people well JB u hafto do it sometime in life HUH

Anonymous said... [Reply]

He is a young boy and his penise is growing and the hair in his crouch in growing, mabey thats the reason for the grabbing, and for the love of god his a young boy!
Taking pictures like that of a so young boy, Perverts!! Pedofiles!

jordiejensen said... [Reply]

that is hot that just means he has osmething there! so yeah go ahead and be jealous!

chinese_giggler7 said... [Reply]

I don't get why people are taking pictures of this. Besides he is growing and stuff so (i think) it is normal for teenage boys to be touching it a lot. LOL look at his face. hahaha

Tyler said... [Reply]

yeah i agree with all of you

Jennifer said... [Reply]

leave him alone and this picture is so hott id tap that ; )

Anonymous said... [Reply]

i think who eva took the pic should be arested it looks like he is holding the bottom of his coat ass holes growing wantin to come on leave the kid alone he wants to sing so let him the only thing written about justin bieber is not about prevert pics ok

juana said... [Reply]

ppl r such stalkers..... for the ppl saying hes gay theres ur prove hes holding sumthin and everyones right all guys ajust thier part nd i would LOVE to get tapped by tht!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

bieber u r so cuteeee :)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

he is in puberty stage.u noe the boys in my sku ll just pull each other dicks n take a foto of it. they oso pull girls to a corner n invite them to touch! they ll grab their dicks anytime.its normal since hes 16.mayb its itchy?

kristie said... [Reply]

OMG so what he grabs himself why does it matter every body grabs themselfs every now and then without even noeing sometimes.anyway who takes pictures of a young growing man grabing them selves that is so wrong in so many different ways..
and anyway who cares he is so hot

Michelle said... [Reply]

hello from france! i have trembling knees now lol

Anonymous said... [Reply]

it's caled pulling a wedgy..

Anonymous said... [Reply]

this what you call as a men !!

ketavian said... [Reply]

he a boy and stuff like that happens and stop does kind of dawn pics of him

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I would be touching it to if I could

Anonymous said... [Reply]

shut up dick heads

Anonymous said... [Reply]

What shoes is he wearing?

TORIE said... [Reply]

Well, I would hope he wouldn't grab anyone else's!!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

omg he is sooooooo hot and his eyes yoooo

Anonymous said... [Reply]

omg i think its hot and any way i have to ich down ther sometimes to u no and thats probuly what hes dowen and he is hot live him alone and that face was cute by the way:m

izzyßELIEßER said... [Reply]

Wow, the person that took this picture is a nasty person, i meen why would you take a picture of a person grabbing/scratching ect. Their private parts leave Justin alone it's his bissness to do that not the jerk who took this picture, he already has alot on his hands "for example,his singing carrer Justin doesent need pictures of him self doing his bissness online".And also obvisouly the person who took this picture has "NO LIFE" because, he's probley taking pictures of people grabbing/ scratching ect. Them selfs.

nicolaisrad said... [Reply]

Haven't u ever had to pull ur undies from ur ass?? It is like that! Maybe it is itchy or something maybe it is just a bad habbit he has. Y go out of ur way to take pics of a young 17 yr old boy fixing up his jeans? They are just haters just trying to make
Him look gay!!!
ILY JB!!!!

sher2in1 said... [Reply]

Did he really grab it noo noo,Maybe selena did when it was big

sher2in1 said... [Reply]

did he really grab it? noonoo maybe Selena did when it was Bulky

payton said... [Reply]

I don't care wat anyone says. I think its hot. I love u jb :t

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