13 April 2010

Usher has again praised his young protégé Justin Bieber.

Explaining why he chose to sign the 'Baby' singer in the first place and make him the overnight pop sensation he is now, the R&B star - who just dropped his new 'Raymond VS Raymond' CD this month - said: "I think it was, first and foremost, his charming, winning, timeless attitude. It's as though he had been here before."

Usher added to the Los Angeles Times: "When I met him, his personality won me over. When he sang, I realized we were dealing with the real thing. His voice just spoke to the type of music I would want to be associated with.

"And it wasn't a gimmick - we had to teach him how to dance and be on stage, but he really had a good voice," added the 'OMG' singer.

"As I said, I think that Justin has been here before, although he's 16," Usher said. "When you talk to him, it's like you're talking to a well-seasoned young man. It's almost like he'd already mapped out in his mind what his story could be and it's up to us to navigate him.

"There couldn't be anybody more proud. He's like a son to me. And never too much - because this is only the beginning. His story has yet to truly unfold."




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