16 April 2010

Don't worry -- Justin's not a diva.
A nasty report is going around the internet right now that teen singing sensation Justin Bieber is exhibiting some behavior better fitting a "male diva" -- however, both his publicist and Bieber himself are encouraging you not to believe it.

The incident in question happened in Long Beach, New York last week, as some reporters are claiming that Justin arrived an hour and a half late to an appearance at a middle school just so he could stop by McDonald's. The singer is actually taking the time himself via Twitter to laugh at the report:

"It's funny when I read things about myself that are just not true. Why would certain people take time out of their day to hate on a 16 year old? I have an idea for those people...let's all be supportive of each other and proud of one another and hope for the best for your neighbour."

Justin, however, is quickly learning one rule of show business -- the more famous you become, the more people will want to tear to you down.

Do you hate that Bieber has to deal with these sort of problems? Let me know your thoughts with a comment.




JB_beiberbaby said... [Reply]

its wrong that he has to deal with stuff like that
I mean hes just a 16 year old boy following his dream and no one should have to deal with the critasism
He didnt do nothing wrong

beatrice said... [Reply]

omg i hate stupid reporters and rumors! can't they just leave him alone?:/

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