16 April 2010

The critics all agree. Justin will take home Pop Album of the Year at the Junos on Monday. Doesn't seem like he has a chance against Michael Buble in the Album of the Year category. But he is head to head with Drake in the New Artist of the Year category with Justin slightly favored to win. That means he might be taking home  2 of the 3 awards he is nominated for.

That is soooooooo awesome. Or as the British like to say 'so brilliant! Now would you like to have a cup of tea?'.

For Pop Album of the year:
"The Bieb has The Bub and all the other competitors beat for Pop Album of the Year."

"Bieber could snag pop album prize from under Buble’s nose"

"Justin Bieber’s My World for pop album of the year (since Michael Buble’s Crazy Love will win album of the year)."

For New Artist of the Year:
"Oooh . . . now THIS is shaping up to be a tantalizing category, what with two of Canada’s top exports, Drake and Justin Bieber, going head to head. My money’s on Justin – only because Drake has yet to officially release a full album."

"Drake vs. Bieber 2010 is a tough two-horse race, almost too tough to call."

"My heart says Drake, my brain says leave it to Bieber."

Are you guys excited as I am about this? OMG Justin's gonna win!!!!!



beatrice said... [Reply]

justin have to win!! omg he deserve it so much

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