18 October 2011

Justin Bieber - Mistletoe [Official Music Video]



blogger said... [Reply]

Check out the funny moments in Justin Biebers video: http://www.justin-bieber-songs-lyrics.com/watch-the-music-video-funnies-justin-biebers-mistletow/228/

http://www.justin-bieber-songs-lyrics.com said... [Reply]


everythingtucson said... [Reply]

Album was just leaked:



Bimapedia18 said... [Reply]

i like this song...
anyone have a download link of this song?
belieber greetings from Indonesia

Karel Stiebling said... [Reply]
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Justin Bieber Live Radio said... [Reply]

love your site can u plzz see mine ?
Justin Bieber Live Radio

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sheena fox said... [Reply]

hey it's me aniyah i really like your music and i hope one day i can go to one of your concerts but my family dose not have enough money

kendy said... [Reply]

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admin said... [Reply]

New Justin Bieber's album: http://thejustinbieber.info/justin-bieber-records-with-drake-for-believe-2/

feelgoodtime said... [Reply]

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feelgoodtime said... [Reply]

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tomo said... [Reply]

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tomo said... [Reply]

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Anonymous said... [Reply]

Here's a link to all the bieber news headlines in one place: http://showbizfix.com/justin_bieber

lahari said... [Reply]

hi JUSTIN,iam a good fan of yours, Letter ,
here is the link which gave the information of yours and it is quite intresting

Anna B said... [Reply]

I absolutely love your blog and I share my Bieber passion with you. I have even created a video to show the world how awesome Justin is:


Could you please take a look and let me know what you think.
Comments are much appreciated. Thank you and keep blogging :)

Neu7ral said... [Reply]

los mejores Juegos de justin bieber

Anonymous said... [Reply]
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said... [Reply]

Hi :)
I just wanted to share with you with my Justin's PHOTO COLLECTION :) It's only part 1, but I'm trying to divide in small parts the rest of it as well but as there are hundreds of them it's not that easy.

Photo Collection (it's small, should be easy to download) Hope you enjoy:)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

:s wow


fans12xy12 said... [Reply]

If you guys need any Justin Bieber tickets..check us out!!!

admin said... [Reply]

hi guys, fellow bielibers. Have you seen this controversial naked photos of JB that just came out recently. Do you think this is really Justin Bieber?

It looks like him but i refuse to believe. He is really nude here.

Jakob Emmanuel said... [Reply]


Stew Pididiot said... [Reply]

Visit: http://2012believetourtickets.blogspot.com to enter to win free 2012 Believe tour tickets!

Stew Pididiot said... [Reply]

Visit: http://2012believetourtickets.blogspot.com to enter to win free 2012 Believe tour tickets!

Best Business Brands said... [Reply]

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Nya said... [Reply]

This is the best JB blog i've seen so far , everyone check out my JB blog on my page it's called "Outr Love For Justin Bieber"

Nya said... [Reply]

i will sertainly , im going to his believe tour.
or you can visit
to check out more about JB's new 2012 believe tour.

emma lund said... [Reply]

watch Justin Biber here! http://adf.ly/DW6jQ

emma lund said... [Reply]

watch Justin Biber here! http://adf.ly/DW6jQ

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Justin Bieber's leaked REAL contact info! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkGwsmhSRdM All REAL FANS MUST SEE THIS!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Justin Bieber's leaked REAL contact info! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkGwsmhSRdM All REAL FANS MUST SEE THIS!

DesiGuy said... [Reply]

I Love Bieber.....:)

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Lukasz Gadek said... [Reply]

Vote for Justin at www.dope-or-nope.com 1,000,000 votes - 1 winner - Mosaic made of 1,000,000 voters photos!

alviataylor said... [Reply]

I just love Justin Bieber songs he is one of the best and youngest teen icon, And got so much followers on Twitter.com is a proof to that. He also realesed a rough version of his upcoming song, Justin Bieber You Want Me

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james cp said... [Reply]

Justin Bieber News: Channel on youtube A Place For Fans ==> Justin Bieber News

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