03 July 2011

According to astrology, Selena Gomez's career is going to take off next year and she'll dump Justin for someone older.....

This holiday weekend, Justin Bieber has taken his girlfriend Selena Gomez, on a romantic vacation to the Hamptons. They will be celebrating 4th of July in style.

According to Perez Hilton, Justin and Selena were spotted shopping at the Flying Point Surf Shop in Bridgehampton, NY on Friday. Seems like the young sweethearts are planning to spend their 4th of July getting their surf on!

The two have a lot to celebrate. Selena Gomez is being considered for the upcoming “Sex and the City” prequel, where she would play the teen version of Charlotte York. It’s reported, author Candice Bushnell recently mentioned how Selena would be perfect for the role made famous by actress Kristin Davis. Astrochicks LOVES it!

For Justin Bieber a Pisces boy, he better hold on to his girlfriend tight. Our astrological prediction is Selena Gomez’s movie career is going to sky rocket next year. Also, her new more sophisticated music style will help her crossover into the mainstream market. Selena will no longer be looked at as a teen popstar. Watch out Miley Cyrus, you have a serious rival in your camp. A much classier one at that.

Selena Gomez, born under the astrology star sign of Cancer, is about to jump on the Hollywood rollercoaster of super stardom. With her family and friend by her side, they will provide her the love and support she needs.

For Justin Bieber, I think they are definitely in love but his relationship with Selena will hit a rough patch next year. Eventually, we see Selena moving on to an older guy. Maybe Shia LaBeouf? Not to worry, I don’t expect Justin Bieber having a problem finding a new girlfriend. Stay tuned.


Do you believe in these astrology things?



Courtney said... [Reply]

are you serious? selena's career was already in full swing before she even started dating justin. she was a famous disney starlette, her music career was doing great, and she already had her start in the movies. i love that you guys make up stories about people you don't know. why don't you just support justin and selena, because, at the moment, she's making him happy. and if you don't won't him happy, you're the crappiest fan ever.

abbymomorella said... [Reply]

wait dont fucking diss miley cyrus. like SELENA SUCKSSSSS DICK AT SINGING ANNND HER MOVIES ALL SUCK MY BUTT. miley is classic and shes way better ...at life. kbye.

Austin said... [Reply]
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steve said... [Reply]
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kdbe said... [Reply]

This is bullshit. I do admit that I laughed at the Miley Cyrus part because it's so true, but the rest of it was completely off. Her career was already huge when they started dating. I'm not saying they're going to stay together forever, I hope though, but these reasons are illogical and invalid. You should never base something off of unreliable astrology that isn't right half the time.

Linda "the Doer" said... [Reply]

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syafiq said... [Reply]

hai how are you

syafiq said... [Reply]

i form in malaysia langkawi and i like u jb love selena

feelgoodtime said... [Reply]

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