26 January 2011

Here is a new movie trailer, titled “Journey,” for Justin Bieber’s upcoming movie “Never Say Never.” The 3D film will hit theaters on February 11, 2011. Do you have plans to head to the theater with your friends and family to see “Never Say Never”? We have a feeling the theaters are going to be packed on opening day!

Below are the dates that NEVER SAY NEVER will be released AROUND THE WORLD! Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Are you guys excited? :) I know I am! I wonder if they'll sell Purple Glasses in those countries too.



Anonymous said... [Reply]

In germany u can't get Purple Glasses.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

can't wait to march 23:D but you can't get purple glasses in Norway:(

Anonymous said... [Reply]

When will it be in Ireland? Will it be the same as the UK?

Anonymous said... [Reply]

why isint my country there ?!?!?! :o

Anonymous said... [Reply]

why isint Iceland there ?!?! :s

Anonymous said... [Reply]

no, its not in norway :( wonder if they sell it in the cinema, tho!

toni said... [Reply]

march 23 is our day filipino beliebers!cant wait!:g
btw, how much is the purple glasses?anyone?

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