20 January 2011

2nd Justin Bieber PETA campaign poster
Justin Bieber’s New PETA Ad ‘Animals Can Make U Smile’

Justin Bieber, 16, new ad for PETA says “Animals Can Make U Smile“. Justin took time out of his crazy schedule to join forces with PETA as the latest celebrity spokesperson for the them. In the video for the campaign he says “A lot of animals are getting abused in different homes … and I think it’s really important we just stay aware about these different situations.”

Justin goes on to say how his dog is his closest companion and encourages his fans to adopt from an animal shelter.

Every year, approximately 6 to 8 million animals find themselves in animal shelters, and 3 to 4 million of those may never find a new home. It’s up to us to help them—so always spay or neuter your animal companions, never buy animals from a breeder or a pet store. Go HERE to make a pledge to help.

I already have a dog and three cats so I cannot adopt anymore. But, outside my front door I keep two dishes which are always filled with food so at least the cats, birds, raccoons on my street never go hungry :-)




Anonymous said... [Reply]

you can see JB's hard on when he's lying down just look at his hand. :)

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