04 December 2010

Justin Bieber on "The Graham Norton Show"

For some reason I love British interviews. They're much funnier than North American interviews..



Cheryl said... [Reply]

This isn't the full video

this is the full interview it was hilarious - here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W95EPtyy1bs&feature=player_embedded

Ever we one is kind of freaking out cause he said porn lol
just wanted to let you know :) im sure everyone would love to see the full interview

Daisy said... [Reply]


Thank you. I switched the videos to the full interview. <3

Stephanie said... [Reply]

Oh so that's where he got the drawn mustash idea thing xD

Masha said... [Reply]

Omg i am like crying right now. He is SOOO FREAKING HOT! I am seriously his biggest fan. I know everything about him. ik what toothpaste he uses his shoe size what time he was born, what city he is every night on his tour, where he brushes his teeth (In the shower)... OHMYGOD :t

Anonymous said... [Reply]

uhmmm @Masha no offense, but thats really creepy

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