12 December 2010

Preview from the recording session of "I Know You're Out There" which will be in the next album:

I know you're out there somewhere
In my head I could take you right here-er
Update: This video has been taken down by request of JB's record label. I'll replace the video when I come across another copy. Good thing lots of you got a chance to hear it before they deleted it.

Update 2: Thank you anonymous for the link.



Anonymous said... [Reply]

Are their any other links =/ ??

Stephanie said... [Reply]

They deleted the vid

Caitlyn said... [Reply]

what did it sound like? they deleted it before i saw it

Anonymous said... [Reply]

is the audio or something available somewhere else has anyone found it ? I really want to hear it :)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNnzZQUhN-M :)

Caitlyn said... [Reply]

doesn't sound like him...

Anonymous said... [Reply]

its sounding goo alreadyyy i cant wait for it to come out!!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

This is not Bieber. This is a fake cheesy video. Not sure why anyone would believe that is Justins voice.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

why are u all saying that this doesn't sound like justin?
his voice changed.it's deeper now?! ;)
I really like this :)

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