24 December 2010

These soundcheck videos never get old. Too bad this is the last one for North America.

Let's hope he's doing these soundchecks when he gets to Europe, Asia, and Australia.



Anonymous said... [Reply]

This is from the Atlanta souNdcheck just FYI. This is one of the Carolina's soundcheck! Just so you know!!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I love watching the soundcheck videos! :)
but unfortunately he isnt having any soundcheck parties in Australia :(

Anonymous said... [Reply]

and no souncheck in germany

Tara said... [Reply]

:( im so upset that justin cut his hair.
it dont suite him very well.
i like the biebs hair, flip

Anonymous said... [Reply]

haha this isnt atlanta this was december 16th in greenville sc i was the one who asked him to go golfing with me!! check out me, dan kanter, and justin in my video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66c5ot9rjPU

Anonymous said... [Reply]

i agree i like the "other" type of hairr style better. Also jst bi looking at jb on stage in this vid i just luv all of his outfits they r so freekin cute<333 and his purple yankess hat just tyes the wholle hate together<3 ily justin bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!<33 lmao8:)

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