01 December 2010

We've been getting questions whether you need 3D glasses to see JBShrine's 3D effects. The answer is no. And it doesn't cost you any money either. All you need is Google Chrome (Safari works too).

Here is a test to see if you can see this site in 3D. Below is our Twitter button inside a grey rectangle. Place your mouse over the button and the button should do a flip. Press on the button and watch the most amazing thing. The whole rectangle will slowly lift off from the page, twists, comes at your face, and stops in the middle of no where.

Try it out:

At the current time these are the 3D animations and special affects on this site:

  • The Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook buttons on the sidebar spins uncontrollably if you put your mouse over them.
  • The menu bar on top (HOME, INFO, BLACKBOARD, etc) has a purple glow behind it.
  • The pictures in the posts flips so that you can see an exact mirror reflection of each picture if you place your mouse over the center of the picture.
  • The picture of Justin up top on the home page moves up and down starting from his head down to his shoes and back up again.
  • There is a frosted pane of glass over that picture up top, Click on it and it will rotate until it suddenly disappears so you can see the Justin's picture clearly without the frost.
  • There is a real-time mirror reflection at the very bottom of the page.
Can't see these effects? Then I suggest you to download and start using Google Chrome to look at websites. It allows you to see websites in 3D, it makes your computer screen look bigger, brighter, and clearer, and best of all it loads websites unbelievably fast.

Look here to see why we keep recommending Chrome..

And if you can see these effects already please leave a comment and let us know what you think.



Anonymous said... [Reply]

its pretty cool it looks like if flipped out of the screen good job JBShrine cant wait for #NEVERSAYNEVER3D :f

Caitlyn said... [Reply]

WOAH! That's cool. The little picture thing pops out and spins around and stuff! :o

sexybodycc said... [Reply]

that was so cool the pic pops out and spins around that was soooooo Cool (:

Anonymous said... [Reply]

it wont work on my laptop

Anonymous said... [Reply]

do you need 3d glasses??

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Seriously, unnecessary crap. Focus on content.

This is what happened ten years ago... Animated gifs, marque elements, JS alert boxes.

Don't go down that path...

Daisy said... [Reply]

Sorry already went down that path. And it's amazing! :b :f

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Well, yeah, it's cool technology-wise but it completely screws up the UX

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