25 November 2010

Sexiest Justin Bieber Picture Ever!!!

biebersexy justin bieber sexy


I just died.


Holy crap Batman! The "SEXIEST JUSTIN BIEBER PICTURE EVER" isn't even Justin Bieber. It's Jesse McFartney. Damnit!! That pic got me all hot and bothered for nothing.

You gotta admit. The JB version looks a lot hotter.

Thanks Sara for the pic. Btw I know you have a Swedish JB fansite so if you want email me and we can link up.



Dempsey said... [Reply]

holy crap THATS HOT!!!!!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

he is soooooooo hot :)

caitlyn said... [Reply]

too bad it's fake.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

you got that right !! my mouth dropped !!! is that fake ?? =/

madison said... [Reply]

AHHHHH!!!! :r

Anonymous said... [Reply]

holy shit . he is being too hot !

Anonymous said... [Reply]

yah its fake,the hands arent his...haha they are to skinny.and the fingers are weird.and the rings and stuff

Stephanie said... [Reply]

He's spicy!!
I just licked my lips when I saw this and I have no idea why I did that!
It freaking killed meh!! :p
I wish it was real... hmmm damn biebergasm... xP

Anonymous said... [Reply]

it is not reall!! this picture was on of the pic on jesse mcartney.....:n

Caroline said... [Reply]


Anonymous said... [Reply]

its hot but i think it is fake. still nice to look at though ;)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

OMB!!!!!! SPEECHLESS SOOO HOTTT!!!!! :f He looks so grown up ! I just wanna lick him
I Wanna be his Favourite girl!!!

me said... [Reply]

that is so hot, but his face is a little bit different..

Anonymous said... [Reply]

it is NOT REAL!

sara said... [Reply]

That's the real one ;)

Anonymous said... [Reply]


Noel said... [Reply]

OMG.HOT.They r both hot but Justin is hotter

Kyra said... [Reply]


tushie6 said... [Reply]

how's that fake??
DAYum though..he is sooo sexyy

Masquerade said... [Reply]

OH MY BIEBERGASM. I'm in heaven now, Imagining he's looking at me and singing favorite girl to ME while doing that.

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