18 November 2010

1. One Time (Acoustic Version)
2. Baby (Acoustic Version)
3. One Less Lonely Girl (Acoustic Version)
4. Down To Earth (Acoustic Version)
5. U Smile (Acoustic Version)
6. Stuck In The Moment (Acoustic Version) (to be fixed)
7. Favorite Girl (Live)
8. That Should Be Me (Acoustic Version)
9. Never Say Never (Acoustic Version)
10. Pray



Anonymous said... [Reply]

How did you find the songs !! <3 although i am loving the album i feel bad for JB cause he worked sooo hard on this album and now it leaked

Såma said... [Reply]

It was supposed to be released November 22, not today. They have worked so hard on this album, they dont deserve this. I bet Justin is pissed, well i understand him.

Dempsey said... [Reply]

guys albums leak everyone knows that and expects it!
i doubt Justin's annoyed by the fact it leaked....any like album with a lot of excitement about it will be leaked! It just happens!

brooke.x said... [Reply]

well I just downloaded all of his songs haha,
and @dempsey
exactly they just cant not expect there
album to be leaked its just society today


Anonymous said... [Reply]

Dominic: Do you remember me from the concert in New Jersey, on Wed. I was at the soundcheck.
I am tall and was wearing a baseball cap, i saw you in the elevator with my daughter, who is very shy.
You remembered me, you said you waved at me during the soundcheck.
What am I getting at: I love my daughter and sons very very much and want to ask you a Huge favor?
My daughter is being Bat Mitzvah in December, we are having a big party, 200 kids and 200 adults.
I wanted to ask you if you and all the legaci singers would consider coming to New Jersey and coming to my daughters Bat Mitzvah.
Also, would you ask Justin Bieber if he would come, tell him that I was the father that asked the band to play something from the
Rolling Stones and the band played Satisfaction. We live in a nice house in New Jersey and you could all stay at our house.
I know you think I must be nuts, but I love my kids so very much and I would do anything in the world for them.
There wil be great food, music and dancing, It is also my sons bar mitavah, in the Jewish religion, this is called a double Simcha.
Anyways, it would be great public relations for Legaci and for Justin Bieber, could you at least show Justin these messages?
We really enjoyed your concert and hope you consider coming? Thanks, Mike

Anonymous said... [Reply]

How Do You Play The Songs? XD

brooke.x said... [Reply]

@anonymous ^^
who the heck is dominic and huh?
you want justin to like do a private
show for a birthday,
good luck with that i wonder how you
pass those things onto him.
well good luck and i hope he does it for
your daughters sake,
but do you have any idea how much it would cost??


Anonymous said... [Reply]

Aww I Want TO Listen!!!!<33 But How??? Please help?(:<3

Anonymous said... [Reply]


Anonymous said... [Reply]

where do i click?!?!?!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

the fact that he TWEETED "we work hard. be patient..don't ruin it" says it ALL. it was wrong for PRAY let alone the entire album to get leaked. and about "more people will buy it now that they've heard it" is a lie cause many ppl wouldve.. without the need to hear it. it was supposed to be a surprise. . especially Pray. oh well. im sure jb's upset about it.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Hmm how do you listen it all the songs?? i'm confused it says click the link below but there is not one hmmmmm

Anonymous said... [Reply]

omfg PRAY SOUNDZ SOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!! im sooooooo sorry it got leaked justin plus i didnt hear it here first itz on youtube!! nd da link from ur website itz sooooo awesome I LUV U JUSTIN!!!!!<3

Anonymous said... [Reply]

i love this but....JB said that hes kinda mad that you leaked his album out

lexy said... [Reply]

:b my favorite song is never say never!!!!!!! :t

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