27 November 2010

It's true! Click on the picture to zoom into his stache.

justin bieber growing mustache sexy bieber

And not only is he starting to grow one but it looks like he has already started to shave it too.

Omg I'm such a stalker. :p

Btw I noticed his face has really changed this last month. Looking a lot more mature.

bieber justin book signing justin bieber



brooke.x said... [Reply]

ive noticed that too,
that justin over the past
2 months has changed majorly!
his voice is changed big time very
low now.
and his looks aswell,
he used to be so short and now he is
getting nearly taller than everybody,
its crazy.
i like this new justin.
but i miss the innocent 15 year old justin
who had a baby face.



Anonymous said... [Reply]

i'm getting nostalgic
for the lil justin! when he was in one time and looked like SUCH a kid and was so adorable
now he's all grown up and aaaaah
i feel like i'm his mom LOL

Anonymous said... [Reply]

@brooke.xIkr i miss justin baby face too lol ..but i kinda like the way he is rite now :)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

has he died his eyebrows?:/

Caroline said... [Reply]

omg hotttt!!! daisy ur such a freakin stalker!! rofl love ya tho!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

i've noticed that too! he looks good tho! but i do kinda miss the baby face justin but i guess we just gotta face he's growing up!(: :t

Anonymous said... [Reply]

why dose Justin need a mustache :a :b :c :d :e :f :g :h :i :j :k :l :m :n :o :p :q :r :s :t

Alexis said... [Reply]

Ahh, this is deadly. Justin is starting to get REALLY hot, not a bad thing, but I miss the cute little 15 year old baby Justin. And He is about to turn 17 in less than a month. One year after he's 17, he'll be an adult. An adult with a 95% majority of teen fans, and 99.99% of his fans are of course YOUNGER than him. Adults can't crush on teenagers without being accused of pedophelia. And even when we become adults, Justin will probably be all different, I mean, he won't be a teen. No adult would write songs such as the ones he has right now, and he would have a mature personality. And in this case, we can't grow with him. This sucks!!

^^Wow, that was deep.

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