27 November 2010

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Sorry Londoners but the scheduled book signing at the London WHSmith has been cancelled.

But no fear as we got the deets on how you can stalk catch Justin during his promo tour in Europe in the next 2 weeks.

  • Nov 28 (Sunday) ---- London, UK performing at X-Factor @ Fountain Studios, London
  • Nov 29 (Monday) ---- Madrid, Spain album signing at El Corte Ingles in Preciados from 18:00 to 20:00 and then appear on the "El Hormiguero" show that night.
  • Nov 30 (Tuesday) ---- Paris, France performing at the Universal Mobile private party.
  • Dec 03 (Friday) ---- Berlin, Germany taping for the "Hapes Zauberhafte Weihnachten" show
  • Dec 04 (Saturday) ---- Düsseldorf, Germany performing at "Wetten Dass". (confirmed?)
  • Dec 06 (Monday) ---- London, UK appearance on "Daybreak" @ London Studios (doors open at 6pm for audience)

Between the 30th and 3th he will be back in North America where he is scheduled to perform at the Grammy Nominations Concert on Dec 1. If anyone would like to add or change anything to this list please leave a comment.

Hope this makes it easier for everyone in these cities to come out and welcome Justin as he visits your country.

This info is on the homepage sidebar but you can also bookmark this page for any updates.



Anonymous said... [Reply]

Yeah and at the 3rd of Dec., JB is in Berlin, where he is a guest in the show „Hapes Zauberhafte Weihnachten“ which will be recorded then and will be airing about two weeks later on RTL, I'm trying to find out if there are still tickets for me, lol

Daisy said... [Reply]


Thank you. This info will be added.

meli said... [Reply]

OMG! he's finally coming back to germany! yay!!! if you have any tour dates please post it! i need to see him! :b

meli said... [Reply]

sorry wrong sign :i

brooke.x said... [Reply]

just hurry up and get to australia,


Anonymous said... [Reply]

Come To NEW ZEALAND!!!!! the country that Justin probably h8s...cuz of those girl who stupidly stole his hat and knocked down his mom

-Frances xoxo :t

Daisy said... [Reply]

Frances, he probably hates New Zealand twice as much as you think because you forgot that they also pranked him with the bottle of soda pop on tv (and you can tell that got him pissed) AND New Zealand made fun of him after he left about misunderstanding the word "German". :k

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