15 November 2010

How Jalen Testerman met Justin Bieber

Justin is such a cool person. Like he's not conceited and stuff. Know what I mean? And Scooter too.

Here is the video of lucky Jalen hanging out with Jaden and Justin at the VMAs
where he got to also meet Ellen Degeneres and Greyson Chance backstage.

Too bad Greyson's name wasn't Jason.

Jaden, Justin, Jalen and Jason. Bet you can't say that 10 times fast.



Dempsey said... [Reply]

Awww he is so cute :)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

how old is the little kid?? he sounds like a fanboy! and justin's "whats up man" was hot. lmao.

Stephanie said... [Reply]

lol was chatting while listening to this then we said "what's up man?", saliva just dropped on my keyboard... xD WTF?? xD

Daisy said... [Reply]

testing new comment smilies: :a :b :c :d :e :f :g :h :i :j :k :l :m :n :o :p :q :r :s :t

pauline said... [Reply]

If i have a one wish from GOD!

i wish i could meet you and hug you!

:t :t :t I love you :t :t :t

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Jalen is so adorable! and i love Justin's way of handshaking. real man!

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