07 October 2010

Justin Bieber pays costs to keep girlfriend Jasmine Villegas close by
Justin Bieber is really trying to impress his new girlfriend. Jasmine Villegas, the girl Biebs was caught making out with a couple weeks ago, was scheduled to be his opening act for his My World 2.0 tour.

But due to budget cuts, Jasmine was taken off the bill for the month of October. That’s where our boy JB came in to save the day. According to Life & Style, Bieber is footing the bill to keep Jasmine on tour with him.

“Justin is paying out of his own pocket to have his new sweetheart join him,” an insider tells the mag. “He’s footing the entire bill.”

The source says Justin has even extended the invitation to Jasmine’s entire entourage. “Whatever Justin Bieber wants,” says the insider, “Justin Bieber gets!”

At least JB is using his money for a good cause! Way to be, Biebs!




Alex said... [Reply]

This doesn't make sense. Why would they be having budget cuts? Justin is like a millionare. Bullsh*t. They are not dating

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I agree ^
And Jasmine V is a tatall Biitch
She's just using Justin Biebr for the fame!!

Dempsey said... [Reply]

I think they are dating, but your right idk why there'd be budget cuts almost EVERY SINGLE concert is sold out! And there actually wrong its not a good cause!
Also: Christian is SOOOOO cute!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

maybe they really love eachother,i dont know....but i dont hate jasmine v for that. she is very beautiful and there are many uglyer girls arround the world, and there is more beautiful too...haha, i just want to se their children;)

How To Get Your Ex Back said... [Reply]

I try to hot to connect to another page in the hip and if published in the comments section - which shows that I inserted the code.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

he just dat fans if she is not getting him any were don't u agree with me?

JazzyFan ! said... [Reply]

Stop Talking bout her thats so mean ! god damn if he loved her he loved her ! :)

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