19 October 2010

Download Google Chrome
This is a message for the people who are using the very worst browser.

What is a browser?
A browser is a program that you use to look at websites. You are using a browser now to look at this site.

Which is the worst browser?
The worst browser is Internet Explorer. It makes websites take longer to load. The colors and pictures are dull and blurry and it cannot do what all the other browsers do.

How do I know I have the worst browser?
It's icon looks like this: 

For people using Internet Explorer right now, click the picture below and take a close look at what you're missing by using IE.


So which is the best browser to use?
Google Chrome is hands down the best browser. Chrome turns your screen into HD, loads up websites twice as fast, and that's just a couple of the good things. There are lots!

See what other JBShrine visitors have to say about Chrome.

(And no I don't make any money by promoting Chrome. I do it because I believe in it and I know it's good for you.)



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