20 October 2010

Caitlin Beadles accident personal life

You may already know Caitlin Beadles as Justin Bieber's ex-girlfriend and best friend. Now it's time to meet the real Caitlin -- a courageous 16-year-old Georgia girl who survived a tragic boating accident. After receiving 6,000 stitches in one leg, undergoing countless surgeries and over a year of grueling physical therapy, Caitlin's telling her inspiring story for the first time to JSYK. Check back every afternoon this week to read about Caitlin's painful experience and find out what she's learned about life and strength in her own words.

I just started my first year in high school and decided to spend a weekend at my friend's lake house with seven other friends in August 2009. We were having a blast. I kept saying to myself, 'This year will be amazing.' We spent the first day out on the lake blaring music, tubing, knee boarding, wake boarding, and just having fun -- just putting your life on hold, forgetting about everything, except what was going on that very moment.

Two of my friends and I were riding the Jet Ski, while the rest of the crew was about to go out on the lake in a canoe that would be pulled by a boat. We were having a blast, jumping waves, doing donuts, and flipping everyone off the Jet Ski. We all flipped the Jet Ski over and were in the water complaining about how badly the water cramming up our ears hurt, and how we had whiplash. Thinking that was bad, we couldn't imagine what was yet to come.

It's funny how we will stub a toe, or have a headache and complain about that. But someone is always worse off than you, no matter how bad something seems. As we were climbing back on the Jet Ski, it filled with water so we all jumped off. My other two friends were on the left side of it while I was on the right. As I turned my head, I saw the boat dragging the canoe coming right at me. The driver was looking behind him, so he never saw me. Before I could even try to swim away from it, I threw my head back. The propellers chopped up my left leg, and tore through my muscle, nerves, skin, and the major artery leading to my heart.

The metal pole attached to the propeller went through my right leg and broke my femur. I looked back as soon as I was hit, and my friends on the canoe ran me over, too. The guy driving the boat didn't even know he hit me so he kept driving.

Caitlin Beadles accident personal life

I looked down in the water and all I saw was the color red, just like in Jaws when the shark ripped someone's legs off. I could see my muscles and skin floating on the water, and I told myself not to look at my leg but did anyway. I saw my leg basically off and chopped up. I saw my bone and every little detail. I looked up at my friends' faces in the canoe. They heard the thud of hitting something, and turned around to see the red water. They started crying hysterically, screaming, and panicking. The whole time I just kept telling myself, 'It's all right. It's just a dream. I'll wake up any minute. And even if not, I can use one of those prosthetic legs, right?'

It was the most excruciating pain I had ever felt. Imagine someone sawing your leg off in slow motion. My best friend's dad, who was driving the boat, came back and jumped in the water as soon as they realized they hit me. He picked me up and put me on the Jet Ski, which was a miracle in itself because he can't lift one arm over his head due to a past injury.

He took me to the dock and laid me down. I couldn't straighten my legs or even control them. I saw him panicking and whispering to his wife that it didn't look good. I could tell they were trying not to scare me. I just stared at the clouds and wished the pain would go away. I could feel myself getting weaker and weaker, not being able to keep my eyes open. I felt light-headed, and everyone was so blurry and in slow motion. As much as I wanted to close my eyes, I couldn't. They made me talk so I'd stay conscious because I was losing so much blood by the second. Not much longer and I wouldn't have any blood left -- I would be dead.

My best friend stood over me, holding me and brushing my hair out of my face. She was praying, telling me not to give up, and saying I had to stay with her. I looked over at my other friends' faces -- who were praying and crying in a circle -- knowing there was a good chance that would be the last time I saw them. I thought I was about to die, but I had to keep going for them because I didn't want them to see me die.

It felt like we were waiting for the ambulance for hours. My friend's parents wrapped my legs with towels and put a ton of pressure on them to stop the bleeding. I heard the sirens getting closer and closer. I was scared -- scared they would inflict even more pain on me. I guess I shouldn't have watched all those E.R. and House episodes.

As the paramedics came running toward me, I grabbed their hands and begged, 'Put me out! Knock me out! Please put me to sleep!' They rushed me into the ambulance so we could drive to where a helicopter was waiting. The road was a bumpy dirt road filled with rocks, and it was pure torture bouncing around in the back.

They got me into the helicopter but it took a really long time to leave, because they couldn't straighten my legs. They ended up running out of gas and had to take me to the nearest hospital instead, but the last thing I remember was entering the helicopter. That is because I flatlined, which means your heart stops and you die. They couldn't bring me back, and actually gave up and announced the time and date of my death.

Caitlin Beadles accident personal life

Read the rest of Caitlin's story at JSYK.



Anonymous said... [Reply]

she is very luck she survived this accident this is a miracle

Dempsey said... [Reply]

she is really pretty! Even lying there in the hospital bed!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

OMG ! this is such a miracle .. but poor her..bcoz she doesn't deserved this .. but oh well just god know

Stephanie said... [Reply]

part 2 is already posted http://www.jsyk.com/2010/10/19/caitlin-beadles-story-continues-they-couldnt-bring-me-back/

Stephanie said... [Reply]

sorry, wrong link xD http://www.jsyk.com/2010/10/20/caitlin-beadles-the-person-i-most-remember-visiting-me-was-som/

Tyanna Bieber said... [Reply]

wow that iz a true miracle

Anonymous said... [Reply]

thank god that she didn't die!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

somebody thought this was funny?!?!?!!?!!?

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Omgggg :O .. Thats such a touching story. I actually had tears in my eyes :'( Im so glad Caitlins alive today. Even though caitlin doesn't know me but im always with u, caitlin no matter what :). Caitlin doesn't deserve HATERS. People who do hate need to get a fucking life. ILU caitlin beadles :) <3

Anonymous said... [Reply]

oh....that was a miracle.....we love u caitlin!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

as i was reading this i was crying soo much

Anonymous said... [Reply]

im glad that you survived Caitlin

Anonymous said... [Reply]

haahaahaahahahaahahahaahahahah thats hilarious

Anonymous said... [Reply]

You poor thing ! x I thought it was bad enough slicing your finger open but now I know there's much worse :a I really feel for you. I just don't know what to say ! I hope you can make a full recovorey xx

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Omg , I just say this & I started to cry . I dont even know you but I am so happy you survived .

Anonymous said... [Reply]


Anonymous said... [Reply]


Anonymous said... [Reply]

omg this story was very touching right now i am in tears because of this

Haylee Morales said... [Reply]

Ohh dang . thats sad , im happy you survived !

mileycyrus1992 said... [Reply]

The pain felt like it was just getting worse.

Anonymous said... [Reply]


Anonymous said... [Reply]

i can't believe she survived, it's like a miracle :d

Anonymous said... [Reply]

OMG poor girl can't believe this happened to her of all people :n

shelby777 said... [Reply]

@Anonymous that is seriously not funny u must be messed up in the head or something

Anonymous said... [Reply]

your so pretty..

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Awww poor Caitlin. It's a good thing she had her friends and family to support her. Everyone keep god in ur hearts and keep praying. Christian beadles did say "real men pray" ;)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Cried so hard. Makes me appreciate who I am more. Everyone go follow her on twitter. Post a comment response if you know what @anonymous ment " real men pray"

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Haha dats so funny dats what you get :g

Anonymous said... [Reply]

so totally jelous of her and biebss, i like totally love him and hes a babee!! <3

Anonymous said... [Reply]

made my legs hurt just reading that.

chelsie rose said... [Reply]

Yawl people that think this is funny are sick in the head, and yawl other people that dnt care and just post stuff about being jealous of her and Justin are fucking dumb!! He is a normal person with more money, yawl can be obsessed all yawl want but he probably wouldn't even give you the time of day!!Caitlin this story touched me in so many ways, I dont know you, but reading it I feel so bad I cryed all I thought was what if she was my friend, I don't know what I would have done, I am glad u are better:) and over came that tragedy:)

Lilmisssherlock said... [Reply]

Woah. I had heard about some sort of an accident with Caitlin, but I thought she had just like broken a leg or something. After reading this, I see just how amazing and brave she is.
She is so lucky to be still alive today. I really admire her. I have always admired her, being Christian Beadles' big sister and Justin Bieber's ex-girlfriend and best friend. But now I admire her as a real life person, who experienced something that she shouldn't have experienced. Thank God she's still alive <3

Valsmart said... [Reply]

I must comment that you are really a lucky person; God really saved you.

Anonymous said... [Reply]
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michaelalive said... [Reply]

@Anonymous u r very rude i hope that happens 2 u so hahhahhahhahhha whos laughing now i hope u feel better caitlin

michaelalive said... [Reply]

michaela bieber and or beatls 1-4-3

ALEXUSHAYNES said... [Reply]

im very happy u are living thank god that means that u were never bad u got good luck and thats good im very happy that u are living today

KillerxChick007 said... [Reply]

Wouldn't think it's funny at all, b**ches if you were her... -_-

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Awwwww thats so sad :'( God luvs you xx <3

Mrs. Brehm said... [Reply]

:o she is lucky shes even alive!!!!!!!!!!!!

smarty456 said... [Reply]

Hope she waz dead that wud of been a miracle

Chann said... [Reply]

I'm glad she survived! It was a miracle! She's a very strong girl and she's very pretty. Her friends and her friends' parents kept her awake and prayed for her. I hope her stomach feels better and that she'll keep staying strong. Caitlin, you were very lucky to survive and and you were Justin Bieber's girlfriend, did he visit you?

TheOneOnlySushi said... [Reply]

Who agrees that she better looking than his current girlfriend Selena Gomez?
Just put 100% AGREED or 0% DISAGREE

izzabella100 said... [Reply]

WOW my legs hurt now im crying because of this i dont know what to say i hope you feel beter caitlen and ur really really brave to go through all of this just ignore all of the haterz and always keep ur head held high we love you caitlen GODBLESS. LOVE LOVE LOVE

izzabella100 said... [Reply]

WOW my legs hurt now im crying because of this i dont know what to say i hope you feel beter caitlen and ur really really brave to go through all of this just ignore all of the haterz and always keep ur head held high we love you caitlen GODBLESS. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Secreat said... [Reply]

Lets see this happen to u and tell me if it still as frickn funny as u say it is. This is not funny at all, why would u say that your obviously 100% heartless

Anonymous said... [Reply]

that was so sad :n

Anonymous said... [Reply]

hope you were dead... dat wud be a miracle!

lori edens said... [Reply]

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! i need to know the whole story. i NEED to know the end of it. please tell me
:0 :o :s

nicholas bennett said... [Reply]

all I hav to say is she is very lucky and shes soo beautiful even tough I don't no her u hav so good friend to say prayers to u hope u get better soonxxxx

lee hilder said... [Reply]


Mikayla Morris said... [Reply]

Same thing happened to my 4th grade teacher. Same exact thing. Your a living savage with the battle scars to prove it. Even thought im sure it'd been nice to just skip the whole event, your a million times more badass for living through and making IT a part of YOU <3

Osa piers said... [Reply]


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