02 August 2010

Justin Bieber CSI SET TANTRUM?

Justin Bieber CSI SET TANTRUM?
(images via OceanUp)
Huh. I have no comments. Feel free to tell us what you think.



BieberLoverr3194 said... [Reply]

okay hes a 16 year old boy hes just having fun. they r like making a big deal about it.he is not a spoiled brat. he was just having some fun.<3

Anonymous said... [Reply]

This isn't the first time news about acting like a douche has come out.
Australia's Sunrise also commented on it; face it ladies...he's becoming a douchebag.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

As much as i like him...this sounds JUST like him. Isn't it a coincidence that more and more people are giving out these type of stories? ~And even people who went to meet and greets said that he didn't really be very 'nice'. And i KNOW he's only 16, and 16 year old kids DO curse, but sending dm's and swearing at them because of what theyre saying about him is a bit OTT don't ya think?.
Of course the people who suck up to him are gonna say "HE'S A KID, AND I LOVE HIM DON'T SAY THAT, or OMGEEE IS SO HOT SO WHAT IF HE'S A JERK?!"
But whatever. With fame comes responsibility and you don't just go around MAKING a bad rep for yourself, what? Does he think that the people there are not gonna tell anyone the way he's acting is bad?.

Wow this is long, but i just needed to get a point across. :)

Anonymous said... [Reply]


Anonymous said... [Reply]

-_- no comments.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

:\ i love him & wish he wasnt such an annoying fart TRYING to be a funny kid.
much love (:

no haters plzzzzzz.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I don't know what to think...

i love him but it does kinda sound like him...

i think he needs a break...

allena said... [Reply]

I agree with the person who said "As much as I like him...this sounds JUST like him." I agree with them. And I heard the story's about the meet n greets too, and I've seen the dm's of him swearing at people too...

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I think he is just being a normal kid.. I LOVE him to death and he just wanted to have some fun.. every one neeeds to cut him a break....

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Love him and all but if alot of people are saying this than idk but i think he should take a break all he does is like work i think a nice nap would make him happy again :)

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