11 July 2010

<B>Dannielle Owens-Reid</B> -- the <B>Justin Bieber</B> look-alike behind lesbianswholooklikejustinbieber.tumblr.com -- wants to be MTV's first ever `Twitter
A woman who’s the spitting image of teen sensation Justin Bieber could be the next MTV personality.

Dannielle Owens-Reid has a massive online following through her popular blogs, lesbianswholooklikejustinbieber .tumblr.com and everyoneisgay.com.

She’s one of 20 social media buffs up for a job as MTV’s first ever “TJ,” or Twitter Jockey, who’ll update followers on the latest entertainment news through Tweets.

Owens-Reid says she’s been working on her jockey persona by looking to ultra-cool MTV VJs of the past like Downtown Julie Brown and Ananda Lewis for inspiration.

If she wins, her first gig will be reporting from the MTV Video Music Awards, which could finally bring her face-to- face with Bieber.

She plans on wearing the same outfit as the teenage dreamboat for the encounter – down to the side-swept hair – so he can see the uncanny resemblance for himself.

To vote for Owens-Reid, visit tj.mtv.com.


OMG no! That would be so annoying. Splitting image? I don't think so! She looks nothing like him. Not even the hair. More like she should start a site called "alesbianwholooksmorelikeclayaikenthansexyjustinbieber.com". ahahhaa :p



Dempsey said... [Reply]

omgosh she doesnt even look that much like him like her mouth nose are different shaped and her hair color and eyes are totally different
people think that if your hair is the same then you look like him
She is a loser :P

giselle said... [Reply]

OMFB she look NOTHING alike to justin bieber like dempsey sed she has her whole image rong... n her hair not even close it just to the side like wow... she so dont deserve justin not tryin to be mean :D

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