24 July 2010

Do you know who 11 year old Jessi Slaughter from the USA is? She has become very famous on the internet - for the wrong reason. She posted some videos of herself on the Youtube saying how much better she is than everyone else and how jealous people are of her because she's perfect in every way. Well someone posted her video on 4Chan and the rest is history.

Don't know who she is or how she got so famous? Then read this before you watch the video:



D said... [Reply]

This girl sounds like a brat and the video isn't being that mean. Anyone who thinks their perfect and blah blah blah should know she is gonna be "beat up" and that kinda stuff. She is obviously not perfect because if she was then she wouldn't be bragging so much about herself!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

her mouth is WAYYY to dirty for an 11 yr old.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

she's such a bitch! like seriously where are her parents?! but sending her death threats is toooooo much

Anonymous said... [Reply]

K well ya i guess its pretty bad 2 send death threats but it was bound to happen. duh !!! like seriously not 2 be mean but if any thing shes far from perfect u cant just act like a total fucking bitch post it on the internet and think people will agree with u, thats so fucked up. wat kind of fucking parents are that if u dont want ur kid to get hurt then dont let them post crap saying there perfect and shit. i blame the parents!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

why is this even on this website it has nothing to do with justin bieber and this is a website about him? well watever ya bitch not perfect yadayadyada

stephanie said... [Reply]

damn that lil girl needs to calm the fuck down.she has a very dirty mouth.im just sayin but that bitch needs to calm down or its goin to go bad for her.

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