14 July 2010

Well, you had to see this one coming. Bluewater Productions, the very same folks responsible for the unauthorized comic book biographies of Lady Gaga and the Twilight cast, have announced the latest subject of their “Fame” series: preternaturally shaggy 16-year-old pop sensation Justin Bieber.
Here’s how Bluewater describes the October-shipping comic:

FAME: Justin Bieber
Author(s): Tara Broeckel Ooten
Artist(s): Claudio Avella
Cover Artist(s): Michal Szyksznian

“Like The Beatles, Justin Bieber started life in simple public housing, and also like The Beatles, he is forced to balance fame with his humble beginnings as he comes of age with the whole world screaming his name. Fame: Justin Bieber traces the career of this Youtube sensation from his musical childhood in Ontario to the stage of his first headlining tour.”
Looks like cover artist Michal Szyksznian might not exactly be suffering from Bieber Fever, though. From the artist’s DeviantArt page: “Portrait of the new antichrist Justin Bieber for the cover of his bio comic book from BlueWater Productions (October 2010).”

Bluewater’s Lady Gaga comic didn’t exactly receive the most favorable reviews, but it certainly attracted a lot of press for the publisher. Gaga’s bio was told from the perspective of an obsessed fan, so who knows what narrative approach they might take with the Bieber comic? Perhaps an omniscient Greek chorus in the collective form of his 3.7 million Twitter followers?




Anonymous said... [Reply]

He looks like he is about to cry on the cover! Why don't they make him look happy and adorable, like he always is!

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