26 April 2010

Security has been beefed up for teen pop star Justin Bieber's 24 hour visit to Auckland on Wednesday.
This follows chaos in Sydney today after police called off a free concert by the 16-year-old for public safety reasons.
Universal Music promotions director Justin Warren says local security will be following the singer from the time he lands.
Bieber will be performing at a south Auckland school which won the concert through a promotion run by a radio station.
Aussie concert cancelled
The  free concert was scheduled to take place at Circular Quay in Sydney, but was cancelled because police feared for the safety of the thousands of eager young fans, mostly girls, who swarmed the forecourt at the Overseas Passenger Terminal.
News that the Canadian teen sensation had arrived early forced a crowd surge about 2am. Problems with the unruly group continued over the following hours, with crowd surges crushing and trampling some fans.

Paramedics were forced to rescue at least 10 girls who fainted.

Police later said all of the girls were treated at the scene for minor injuries.

Watch Sunrise try to give excuses after excuses.
It should be obvious who is to blame for this.

Sorry Australia Beliebers.



dameila said... [Reply]

i was one of the fans that started camping at 7am the day before, http://www.twitvid.com/CMGF4 & we got rewarded and confirmed an albumn signing the day of it. and we did everything the guards told us to do, we werent even in all the pushing. they totally ruined it for us. but we saw him eventually, and thats what matters <3

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