11 April 2010

You heard it here first.

It has not been officially confirmed but Justin will be on the Oprah Winfrey show in the very near future.

I came across a contest that Oprah.com is holding for the biggest Justin Bieber fan. This must mean that he has already been booked for the show because Oprah doesn't just hold this kind of contest for nothing.

So if you think you are Justin's #1 fan then I suggest you take some time and think of how you can convince Oprah to pick you as the winner. Take pictures of your JB shrine. Make a video. Write a short letter telling her why you are his biggest fan. Or maybe draw her a picture if you're an artist. The winner will likely get a free trip to Chicago to watch Justin perform on her show.


Bieber-Fever...Bieber-Mania...Bieber-Head....Justin Bieber is the hottest teen star of our time!

This 16 year old YouTube phenom has become a pop-star, singing sensation making teen girls across the country swarm and scream as he embarks on his first headlining tour.

So if you consider yourself the biggest Bieber fan, we want to hear from you!

Please tell us what you love about Justin Bieber and why? Is your entire room a shrine to Justin? Have you been collecting his memorabilia? Do you know all the words to his songs? What would it mean to you to see Justin Bieber in person and hear him sing!!? Include any pictures or videos to tell your story. Thank you and we look forward to hearing why you are the biggest Justin Bieber fan!

Go here to enter.


I didn't realize there is a big problem for Beliebers. Rule #7 says you have to be at least 21 to enter which is so stupid. Anyways, I think if you want to you can still enter the contest but just have someone over 21 submit it for you.



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