08 April 2010

It seems that Italians have good taste as well. Justin was nominated for Best International Act for the 2010 TRL (Italy) awards which will be held on May on May 8th 2010 in Genova. Justin has some competition though in 30 Seconds to Mars, Avril Lavigne, Green Day, and Black Eyed Peas.

Come on guys!! Everyone go vote for Justin here (under Best Intl Act).



silenzio.assordante said... [Reply]

it meanes that he will come in italy?? i readed on the site but it isn't wrote that!! i hope so and i can't wait to may!!

JBShrine said... [Reply]

No, it does not mean he will be there for sure. But I think he will show up if he wins. A lot of music awards tell the stars if they are going to win before the event in order to get them to show up at their event.

If people vote Justin to win, then he will be there. If he does not win then he won't.

Let's see if I'm right. :)

CandyKiller said... [Reply]

i hope that he'll win!! becouse he's talented and i want to see him!! i've
waited a lot for this!!! :P
btw how do u know about the competiton?? is it famous in canada too? XD u
don't miss nothing about him...u're incredible :)

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