26 April 2010

In the USA there is something I think that is a little weird. They have 50 states and all 50 states are allowed to have their own laws on many areas, like abortion and gay marriage. That means that if you cannot get an abortion where you live you might be able to drive 30 minutes to the next state to get the abortion. A little weird right?

Anyways. One of the laws each state are allowed to set for themselves is the age in which it is legal to have sex. :o  This will depend on your age, the other person's age, and of course, which state you live in. Seeing that FanGirls can be as young as 2, you might be too young. Or for FanCougars like 'The Lady With The Big Brown Eyes, Justin might be too young.

Well I found a website where American FanGirs and FanCougars can go to check if it's legal to have sex with JB in your state in case he suddenly shows up at your doors. (NOT!)

Is it legal to have sex with Justin Bieber?

According to the site, I only have to wait another 4 days, 9 hours, 34 minutes, and 36 seconds until I can legally bonk Justin Bieber in most states. So if you are American and you are wondering about such a [disgusting] thing then try it out at IN-N-OUT BIEBER.

BTW, in Canada, the age you can legally have sex is 16.

So what do you think of a website made only for this purpose?



Emma Ewers said... [Reply]

in the UK its 16
What a disqusting question!!
IN-N-OUT bieber ?
who ever ask questions like that
Are REALLY sick!!
its up to justin when he wants to start having sex enit!

vizma said... [Reply]

haha. that was funny. really good joke.
go to the website and fill this wit-

im born: 18 september 1989
and alive at: alabama/georgia/kentucky

u'd be suprised. lol.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

OMG i've just read that in my country is legal have sex at 14 years! i'm a bit shocked and disgusted becouse of the site...IN N OUT bieber?? what would justin think about that?
btw i hope he'll see JBshrine one day becouse i think he would love it so much ;)

Beatrice said... [Reply]

omg thats gross :S

Anonymous said... [Reply]

OMG! I have to wait over 5700 days! AND IM 13!!!!!! Thats like 15 years!!

heaven said... [Reply]

omfg, i honestly thought i was obsessed!
but now i see this and i dont feel like such a stalker!
this is really weird!!!
it kinda freaked me out!!
and im sure he would be if he saw it too!

Michelle said... [Reply]

i'm from France and i'm 15 and here it is legal to have sex when you are 15 haha ;P

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