07 March 2010

Exclusive with Justin Bieber

SaturdayNightOnline.Com Live with Romeo will be hosting an exclusive online chat with Justin Bieber on March 27th. Registration for the chat is open now at Chatabase. Register now to be a part of the chat and submit your questions to Justin. If Justin answers your question you'll be automatically entered into the contest to win one of 50 autographed Justin Bieber 8x10’s, or the grand prize trip to meet Justin in person on his upcoming tour!



Anonymous said... [Reply]

hi justin i love you :t :b :k :n :m :d

Anonymous said... [Reply]


backlink Marco said... [Reply]

what a nice hair!!! you're more cooler!!!luv yah!!!

got some sites too. check it out http://www.justin-bieber-songs.net/

Pia Paulino said... [Reply]

Justin Bieber set a precedent in the musical stardom in more ways than one, with not only his early beginnings in the music world via self-promotion by posting his own videos to YouTube, but also in the way he interacted with his fans through such online media as Twitter and blogs. With the release of his second album, “My World 2.0”, justin bieber songs continue to rise with exceeding popularity. It is not unusual for this teenage heartthrobs photos to be seen almost everywhere you look. As a matter of fact justin bieber pictures grace. Everything from T-shirts to sleepwear. His popularity with “tweens” and teens has even led to the development of popular online justin bieber games. The
question is where will his popularity end?

backlink Marco said... [Reply]

hello guys see this for more updates http://www.Justin-bieber-songs.net

backlink Marco said... [Reply]

We all know that the sexiness of a water sign can melt a girls heart really fast, and that is why it’s nothing to bieber to write a song like this because all of the girls will be wanting to be his baby anyway. The fame that Bieber has now doesn’t mean that he has not experience any hardship in life. He has undergone all of those but still manages to stand up and face the world again. As time goes on, there are plenty of people who know how it can be better to use his songs to get through a bad day and do what is needed to become a better individual like his persona is. He is such a great example that every teen ager should follow.

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