13 February 2010

So who are the biggest fans of Justin Bieber worldwide? Not the USA or Canada. Not even a European country or Australia. It is the Philippines! Yes, the Philippines!

I was just doing some surfing online today and came across something very interesting. Google has a service called Google Trends that allow you to see what topics are being searched and how they are performing in terms of  popularity. So of course I had to enter in "Justin Bieber" to see how popular this topic is on Google.(Google Trends)

The graph shows that Justin's popularity took off around May-June of 2009 and has since seen a solid climb in internet popularity. But what's most interesting is the information below the graph. It shows that the Philippines, on average, are more aware and interested in Justin than any other country, followed by Canada, the US, and Netherlands. What a surprise right?

In terms of cities of the world, Justin seems to be most searched by residents of Makati, Philippines, beating out Toronto, Richardson Texas, Montreal and Chicago. Can someone from Makati please explain to me why Justin is so popular there? Justin is such a popular search term from that city that it helped lift Tagalog (Philippine's language) as the most used language in terms of search engine interest.

Crazy right? Just an interesting discovery about Justin I thought I should share with you. Are any of you surprised as I am? I swear my friends and I are the biggest Justin Drew Bieber fans in the world. I swear!

Anyways, check out the site link above and click your own country to find out some rather interesting statistics on Bieber Fever.

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blah said... [Reply]

omg im from the philippines,but i stay at california.i didnt know it was so big there.

Kristine Baring said... [Reply]

Me too i`m from Philippines ! Yeah Justin Bieber is so Popular here in our country not only in Makati but in our whole country :))) AHAHA !! :)) But some said he is Gay but i`m not believing to them ! :)) BUT they said that he confirmed it to Oprah hmmmmp ? a big question ! is he Gay or NOT ?!! i know he`s NOT ! Right ?!! :))) ILY JUSTiN no matter what you are ! :"""> FREAKiN' HOTT !

yhanie24 said... [Reply]

oh my! i just saw this post! GO PHILIPPINES. proud to be a FILIPINO. :D iloveyou JUSTIN DREW BIEBER. Philippines should be in your world tour list. and for sure you'll never regret coming here. we got BIEBER FEVER. BELIEBER RULES. :)

darlynne♥Justin said... [Reply]

OOHH YEAH!! im a FILIPINO too.. and i'm VERY PROUD of it!! hmm.. correction to the reporter of this report our Language is TAGALOG and NOT TAGALO... ok? haha.. PHILIPPINES really got BIEBER FEVER.. i hope that Justin Bieber would go here in Philippines.. if it is happen? i would watch..!! wahaha.. Love u Justin Drew Bieber!!!♥♥

JBShrine said... [Reply]

How dare you call me a reporter?? I love it. <3 haha. I wrote that. That's why it's spelled wrong. :P Thanks. It's fixed.

Charlene said... [Reply]

Filipino Rules! >:) hahaha

Anonymous said... [Reply]


Imaryaudrey said... [Reply]

@kristine baring yes not only in makati but in our whole country!!!! im from philippines and im a big fan of him!!!then i was shocked when i saw this post i scream then my whole family was like "why are you screming"but in tagalog words then i said "Ahhh...I just won in a game"hahahaha i cant believe it that our country edge out usa and canada as the worlds biggest fans of justin Biebr

Anonymous said... [Reply]

..AwW go to pHiLLipInes im uR biggEst fAn i loVE yAHh BIEBER FEVER!!!
..pROuD to BE PINOY..

Anonymous said... [Reply]


Anonymous said... [Reply]

It's indonesia now, philippines in number two... :P

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